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Rod Gorvin started working on surfboards as a grommet around forty years ago so he could learn how to repair his own boards. He picked up skills whilst working for Clark Surfboards, Baron Surfboards and Jacksons Surfboards (Caringbah, NSW), and more recently for Graham King Surfboards in Kirawee, NSW. For the last 10 years Rod has also been working on his own pursuing his passion for turning old boards into new gems for their proud owners.'I just love seeing the look on people's faces when they come to pick up an old, battered board that has been given a whole lot of TLC and restored to its former glory' says Rod.The restoration process can involve fixing any damage, filling with resin and chopstring mix, sanding, painting and finish coating a board. To complement his repair skills, Rod completed an airbrushing course at TAFE which enables him to touch up and restore original artwork. His board restoration service has been featured in Waves Magazine on several ocasions in the past.

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